You are ready to embrace your creativity as a source of income. All you need is some tools and good advice! 

You are brewing with new ideas, visions, and projects. They all feel like essential contributions to your life and those of others. But what's next? How do you go from a one-woman operation to creating an impact on thousands of people? How do you get people involved and who's going to fund it?

One of the toughest transitions that we go through as creatives is the one that ignites once we start taking control of our lives. This transition is a very personal mental, emotional, and spiritual journey, which we call #CreativeRevolution. Logically, your old social network isn't necessarily suited to adequately support you in your new pursuit. 

With your Braenworks Society Starter membership, you are always one phone call away from someone who knows from experience what you are going through. The euphoria of successful projects, the agony of being denied access to essential platforms, it has all been experienced before. The lessons learned are now available to you, along with a network of experts. It's no longer necessary to lose time on making costly mistakes! Unless you want to, of course. Then it's vital to extract the right lessons.



Price: 10,00 every month
Cruelty Free
Curly girl friendly
No silicones / parabens / sulfates