What is Braenworks?

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BRAENWORKS is a powerful business network organization for creative professionals. Become a member to fully embrace the growth and value of your creativity.

Fuel your creativity by tapping in to our collective knowledge, inspiration, funding and expertise.

If you never experienced an executive business program handcrafted for creative minds like yourself; this is your chance!


Braenworks Academy gaf mij meer zelfvertrouwen

I learned to think from the 'why' and first to tell where my passion and love for my profession comes from. It has not only given me a stronger story and more confidence. With this method I also brought in a few new clients.

Julie Hauber, Video Journalist & Radio Producer

Ik weet waar ik naar toe wil!

I have been working in the music industry since 1991. During this time I mainly saw myself as an artist and entertainer. Until Braenworks pointed out to me that, after so many years,  I could call myself a successful entrepreneur. In the future I don't want to be 100% dependent on the income from performances, so I wanted to participate in the Academy. The "Vision" module, in particular, was an eye-opener for me. I now know where I want to go and I have set long-term goals and strategies to expand my work and thus tap into multiple sources of income. "

Anita Doth, 2Unlimited-zangeres & eigenaar Doth Agency

Ik ken mijn waardepropositie

I experienced tremendous personal growth during the Braenworks Academy. I know my value proposition and have found the perfect combination of the various applications of my creativity.

Sherwin Blijd, Artiest manager & Cultureel Adviseur