Welcome to your #creativerevolution

Welcome to your #creativerevolution

Fully embracing the value of your creativity; that's what the #CreativeRevolution is all about. Our members challenge themselves every month to grow their impact for themselves and their communities. 

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What we do

for creatives

Being born with a creative mind is a blessing! It does, however, pose challenges. You most likely spent a significant amount of time in an environment not designed to empower your creativity. For example, educational institutions largely ignore the impact of your creativity. Instead, the aim is to prepare you for a seat in the workforce. Fortunately, those times are changing. The #CreativeRevolution is at hand! 

Braenworks Society focusses on boosting your creativity to maximum potential. How? First, we make sure you ask yourself the right questions. Necessary, because creativity does not always abide by the things you learned in school. Then we connect you to the people that have the experience and expertise that benefit you. Lastly, we help you change your behavior to match your creative ambitions. As a member, you'll have access to: 

  • valuable inside-information
  • top-level coaching
  • deep learning programs
  • support during negotiations
  • access to influential lawyers
  • funding opportunities 

In short; Our entire network becomes a part of your #CreativeRevolution. 

for experts

If you have built your company or worked in a highly commercial environment, your experience could be priceless. Not just to clients or employers, but more so to creatives discovering how to grow from skill to scalable business. Braenworks Society helps you unlock your expertise and provides you with a comprehensive vocabulary that unifies creative and corporate mindsets. 

We help you understand the creative world, its industry, and history. You'll contribute to countless #CreativeRevolutions! Become an Expert Member to unlock the following:

  • A vast pool of artistic professionals 
  • Our Creative Business Mentor programs 
  • Posting business challenges to the Society
  • The creative industry's inner-workings
  • additional sources of income 
  • funding opportunities 

for corporates

Future-proving is a hot topic within today's organizations. Research shows most companies struggle with innovation. Braenworks Society shows that innovation is simply one of the many applications of creativity. Consider your organization a system which delivers value. The question then becomes; how creative can one become with a mindset that is formed by, and in some ways dependent on, that very system? There's, of course, value in self-examination. A second opinion, however, could prove invaluable. We say real innovation can only exist when the creativity is sourced outside of the system to which it will be applied. Through our offer here below, your company could play a significant role in the #CreativeRevolution!

For corporates and governments we offer:

  • Installation of Creative Council programs
  • Creative Mindset Booster programs
  • Speakers training
  • A variety of custom-designed programs

Feel free to contact us online, or make an appointment at one of our offices to get a feel for what we do. We love to stay in touch with anybody who caries the torch for the #CreativeRevolution, big or small!