You have successfully built a business and are ready to contribute to other people's #CreativeRevolution

Every career is a design of the highest order. Each choice impacts the next ones as you mold your expertise and experience year after year. Your having navigated an environment and culture driven by financial impact yields more than just an impressive career. You have, perhaps unknowingly, become a source of information and direction for unlikely listeners; the creative community.

We are not referring to the idea of 'giving back' after a successful run. We are inviting you to connect with creatives meaningfully, as equal sides of a creative equation. To do so, Braenworks Society will expose you to the inner workings of the creative world, and give you valuable insights into the different psychological types of the modern-day creators. By becoming a Braenworks Society Expert member, you allow us to help you unlock your knowledge and expertise through your Expert profile. After your training, you too will be an essential member of the Society with your insights. We have constructed a fair, standardized compensation structure for your time and energy.  

Additionally, you are always one phone call away from more experienced creators and experts. If we notice that your advice is highly impactful, you could be asked to become a coach in the Society or even an Academy Master in the Braenworks Academy. The lessons we learned around teaching business skills and insights to creatives are now available to you, along with a network of experts, and funding sources. 



Price: 125,00 every month
Cruelty Free
Curly girl friendly
No silicones / parabens / sulfates