You are a (semi) professional. Your next step is to create more impact with your creativity.

We commend for you! Not everyone dares to take the leap and build a life based on their creativity. You have an excellent track record of people who appreciate your creative contributions. The next step is to maximize the financial and social impact of all that appreciation.

In your transition towards becoming a professional creative, you have overcome some serious challenges. Sometimes that might have felt like a lone traveler on a neverending road. Your stamina, determination, and talent brought you here, but now it's time to ready your mindset for the next phase. The weight is not just yours to carry anymore. If you want to create more impact, you're going to have to make smart connections with other people.

With your Braenworks Society Creator membership, your profile is your professional business card and business portal. You make it easy for other professionals to connect with you. At the same time, you offer your creative expertise to society members, for a fee.

Additionally, you are always one phone call away from someone who knows from experience what you are going through. Scaling up your activities is hard but rewarding work if done correctly. Whether it's the euphoria of big releases, or failure to reach enough people with the fruit of your labor, it has all been experienced before. The lessons learned are now available to you, along with a network of experts, and funding sources. It's no longer necessary to lose time on making costly mistakes! Unless you want to, of course. Then it's vital to extract the right lessons.



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